Meet the Makers

The story begins with after I realized I couldn’t sit and crochet my creations with my two hands any longer. I did some research and reached out to an artisan mother in Turkey, and together, we initiated a workshop with the goal of training a maximum number of women possible, and offering them the opportunity to learn and earn. Day after day, we were receiving more orders so that we could reach more women and encourage them to be self-sufficient. We contacted the craft workshops provided by municipalities and connected with the teachers there. We found artisans who were already skilled in crocheting as well as those who were interested in learning. 

We now have a team of around 30 talented women artisans, whom we are proud to be able to work and support them in their journey towards financial independence. It's not just the products we create, but the social impact we're having on their lives and the communities they live in. Without them our project would be impossible. Their attention to detail and care is what makes our products very special. We hope to continue expanding our team through ethical and sustainable work practices.