Combination of Scandinavian aesthetics and timeless craftmanship

Our Story

Patti Oslo founded in 2019, is a Norwegian eco-responsible lifestyle brand committed to the children's world of imagination. We design nostalgic, minimalistic, and inspiring handcrafted toys with a combination of Scandinavian design and traditional techniques.  We are devoted to creating timeless pieces with durable materials that you and your little ones can cherish for years to come.

We continue designing toys in our small studio in Oslo and ship your precious orders from our warehouse in Denmark.

We want to inspire people, both now and in the future, to make conscious choices that can positively impact the planet. We are constantly working on improving our vision for creating designs and promoting sustainability. We take inspiration from our childhood memories and beloved children, combining them with modern Scandinavian aesthetics and traditional techniques to create a unique product. With our family-owned company, we get to create products that are built to last. Making our own designs brings us so much happiness, and thinking that our animal characters can be appreciated and loved to last for generations.

Childhood memories

The memories of my childhood have always stayed with me. I remember during summer holidays I used to make bracelets with embroidery thread and sell them to our neighbors to buy ice cream. Growing up in a creative family helped me use my hands to learn new techniques. My mother used to crochet, and my father enjoyed carpentry as a hobby. Because of my passion for arts and photography, I decided to get a degree in fine arts. On a weekend trip during my studies in Berlin, I flew to see an exhibition about John Cage, an American composer, in the Heni Onstad Museum. I met my husband there, and after many years of having a long-distance relationship, I decided to move to Oslo without knowing what to do. In Grunerløkka, where we live, there are many design markets surrounded by talented people. I designed a bunny and joined the market to see how people would like it. Local store owners saw what I was making and started ordering my creations to sell in their stores.

Each toy is a labor of love

A few months later, we were hit by the covid-19 pandemic and couldn’t go out. I had plenty of time to think about my hobby project on a bigger scale. Meanwhile, I became pregnant, and with the strength of my baby in my belly and the support of my husband, we created Patti Oslo. 

Day by day, orders were growing, and it became difficult to crochet and pack them all during my third trimester. I did some research, and I reached out to an artisan mother in Turkey, and together with her, we set up a workshop where we could train as many women as possible to crochet and offer them the opportunity to learn and earn. Happily, we were receiving more orders so that we could reach more women and encourage them to be self-sufficient. We contacted the craft workshops provided by municipalities and connected with the teachers there. We found artisans who were already skilled in crocheting and those who were interested in learning. 

Low-impact products

We now have a team of around 30 talented women artisans, with whom we are proud to be able to work and support them in their journey toward financial independence. It's not just the products we create but the social impact we're having on their lives and the communities they live in. Without them, our project would be impossible. Their attention to detail and care are what make our products very special. We hope to continue expanding our team through ethical and sustainable work practices. 

Being open and honest in our work is very crucial for us. Giving you detailed information about our low-impact products and explaining why we make them the way we do has been at the core of our values since day one. We work everyday to create sustainable and handcrafted items that you and your little ones can cherish for years to come. We are transparent, thus truly committed to the health of mother earth and ethical practices in which we take our responsibility to the environment and society seriously. 

We strive to make timeless pieces for your little ones.

A sense of slowing down

Scandinavian minimalism and clean design are essential when we imagine a new product. Oslo, the city where we live, gives us the opportunity of finding quiet neutrals and calm, wellness-inducing tones to evoke a sense of slowing down. The timeless design of our handcrafted toys allows for imaginative and open-ended play. Children can use their creativity to incorporate the toy into different scenarios, which helps them develop their imagination and problem-solving skills. At Patti Oslo, we create toys that are not only fun to play with but also contemporary and charming to fit your homes nicely. Choosing timeless and minimalist toys for our little ones is an investment we make that prevents waste and supports the idea of a more sustainable world.